A new day. A new life. A new blog. I am a walking blank slate. Long Island is awash in the colors of autumn. Leaves colored yellow and red rustle in the trees and scuttle across asphalt. A fitting backdrop to a life transformed. I have moved beyond sadness, beyond anger, beyond regret, and am only left with longing.

I finished watching Breaking Bad, the entire four seasons, all in the course of one month. This is one fantastic show! I love the Rube Goldberg like plot developments in which events unfold like ping-pong balls down a funnel, where a simple walk in the park turns into a federal case. It aptly reflects life gone awry. Something I know a bit about. Fighting off a spell of dark thoughts, I sat on the couch, chewed prodigious amounts of nicotine gum, and watched back-to-back episodes of Breaking Bad. I look forward to season five.

I finally finished Half Life 2. This was a great game. The only complaint I have is the janky character movement. To survive an ambush, neutralize two dozen combine soldiers, and then solve some mind-bending puzzle only to die trying to climb a ladder is frustrating and infuriating. It also takes way too long to respawn after dying, but this just may be due to the age of the game. Aside from these minor complaints, Half Life 2 lives up to the 10 star hype of the Internet.

I am still reading A Clash of Kings, watching Walking Dead and American Horror Story, and looking forward to buying a new computer. I am still using a single-core Windows XP box, the kind you find in thrift stores or holding open doors in offices. It is amazing how far this machine has taken me, but soon…soon I will upgrade. Stay tuned.